Gear Recommendations

Gear Recommendations

Speak Easy Headset with belt PTT button

Excellent headset for the field. The large PTT button attaches to the belt and is easy to use during the game without fumbling around to find the small button on common headsets.

The microphone picks up your voice well and the windscreen significantly reduces any background wind noise. Several of our officials use these and they work great.

Compatible with Midland Radios. Tested with Midland GXT & LXT600VP3 models

Midland Headset

These are a great option because the microphone is closer to your mouth and it has a wind screen that significantly reduces background wing noise. The speaker is also well positioned as it allows you to hear the radio communication and your surroundings.

Compatible with Midland Radios. Tested with Midland GXT & LXT600VP3 modals

Midland Radios

Midland radios are the standard O2O devices in Oregon. Many of our Varsity Referees have personal sets for their crews, but that is not always the case and sometimes you don’t want to rely on others. They range in price, but the GXT model is the only version sold as a single unit, and it is the most common model our officials carry.

Radio Holder

These are suggested for Umpires who work in the trenches to prevent their radio from becoming dislodged. If you’re worried about your radio falling out or just want peace of mind that it won’t fall out, these holders work well. Several of our officials use these are various crew positions.

Magnetic game card holder

The strong magnets will hold several index cards per side. The magnets also help keep the book closed and secure. Some of our officials use index cards and this is ideal, so you may quickly open and write directly on your game card rather than having to pull the game card out of a sleeve. In addition, if you use notecards you can quickly flip them.