Why We Do It

Make a difference in your community

Officiating refers to the process of ensuring that the game is played according to the rules and regulations. This is done by a team of referees who oversee every aspect of the game, from the start of the first play to the final whistle. Our primary responsibility is to make sure that each team plays fairly and to ensure the safety of all players on the field.

Common Questions

No experience necessary. Our trainers will get you ready.

Our officials come from the community and represent: educators, law enforcement, students, electricians, small business owners, contractors, custodians, chaplains, bankers, truck drivers, engineers, retirees, and more.

Get In The Game

Are you ready to be part of the action and help ensure fair play and safety on the football field as an official?

Reasons To Get Involved

There’s something for everyone.

No matter what sport or level we work, we are bonded. We are drawn together by a passion for officiating those outside the industry can’t understand. We make the calls and put up with the jeers because we love officiating. The reasons for our joy when we step on the field are vast and every reason is forged in the fire of our individual experiences.