Essential Gear

Essential Gear

Any brand will be fine. Most of our members wear the Smitty or Honigs brand. There any many places to shop online, here are a few we recommend.

  • Purchase Officials
    • Best rewards program, cheapest full starter uniform package deal
  • Honigs
    •  Nearest distributor (Colorado) 
  • Ump Attire
    • Items are generally cheaper & 10% NASO member discount

Short Sleeve Shirt

One(x1) short sleeve shirt with 2″ stripes. Flag is optional, we recommend the flag be positioned above the pocket.


One(x1) pair of pants with 1 1/4″ white stripe. We recommend “all weather” or “lightweight” material with a tapered option. You can always layer up underneath later in the season, but earlier in the season it may be warm.


Mostly black turf shoes with sufficient grip. Find a quality comfortable pair of game shoes. These are two brands used by our officials. They are comfortable with great traction.

One(x1) black hat with white piping. Most of our officials use the Richardson brand.

One(x1) black leather belt 1 3/4″ (Boston style – Non patent) . Belts less than 1 1/2″ don’t work well with officiating pants and the gear we out on them. A

Black socks at least mid calf length. You don’t want any skin showing when you’re running.

Two(x2) long toss penalty markers. Black or yellow tipped is fine.

Two(x2) Down indicators

Bean Bags: (x1) Black & (x1) Blue

One(x1) Chain Clip

One(x1) Game Card Holder

Paper game cards | Plastic not recommended. Index cards work fine

Two(x2) Fox 40 Classic Whistles

One(x1) Long Lanyard at least 21″

Any bag to stores accessories

Any watch with a countdown feature