Down & Ball Spot Indicator


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This is a must-have for the football official working as the Umpire (U) or the Center Judge (C). Never wear two down indicators again! Designed with referees & umpires in mind, this modification to a traditional down indicator includes a horizontal ball spot position indicator.

A durable viewing window slides along to one of five spot indicators to accurately track the lateral position of the ball. Stop the slide anywhere in between the markings to know exactly where the ball should be spotted. Designed to move easily – but not move on it’s own.


  • Sliding position indicator over 5 possible field positions
  • Elastic wrist band: 3/4 inch wide, 10 inches long
  • Adjust to fit all wrists with 3 inches of Velcro
  • Elastic band slips easily over one of four fingers to indicate downs

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